Marvanthe Beach

Maravanthe is a village and a beach near KundapuraKarnataka, India.

Outlook travel considers it one of Karnataka’s most beautiful beaches.It is about 115km from industrial hub Mangalore, 55 km from Udupi, and 39 km from the tourist town of Bhatkal. NH-66 (erstwhile NH-17) runs next to the beach and the Suparnika River flows on the other side of the road, creating a spectacular scenery that is considered the only one of its kind in India.

The Suparnika River, which almost touches the Arabian Sea here, makes a U-turn and goes westward to join the sea after a journey of nearly more than 10 km (6.2 mi).

Maraswamy temple

Maraswamy temple is on the beach near Maravanthe.

Souparnika river makes a U-turn on the east side of the temple, This river makes islands, which are called kudru. The eastern view from this point is beautiful with palm trees, green fields, and Kodachadri peak visible at the far eastern end and makes a reflection in the river.


Fishing is the main activity of the fisherfolk of this area, but the infrastructure for marketing the marine produce is not well developed.Native boats and small diesel trawlers are used for fishing. Seafaring is avoided during the monsoons. Agriculture is another important activity, with coconut, paddy, and onion being the main crops. Maravanathe Beach at dawnMaravanthe is a favorite stopover for vehicles on NH 66


Education in the village is improving, with primary education and high school education available. Students go to nearby taluk centers, Kundapura for higher education.


The Maravanthe beach is a beautiful beach town with white sand spread miles and miles along the coast fetches the beach a nickname of Virgin Beach. This place has been identified by government agencies as having the potential for tourism with leaflets proclaiming several facilities. There are places to stay on the highway, but the alternative would be at the nearby town, Kundapura.

At the nearby Gangoli port, tourists can request fishermen and, for a fee, accompany them to the sea the next day, at 4 am and stay fishing with the locals till noon.

The golden sand, clear blue sky, swaying palm trees, and the endless shore provide an undoubtedly attractive tourist destination. The serene and unspoiled beach is at its best during the sunsets.

Water sports at Maravanthe Beach are famous and one of the favorite activities among visitors. You can laze in the sun or take a drive along the shore. You can go scuba diving and snorkeling and get a glimpse of the coral reefs and marine life that is abounded with deep-sea creatures. The water is safe for swimming as the tides are gentle. Other beach activities include a beach walk, meditation, and yoga.

Knowledge source : wikipedia

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